Monchi: “We have to overcome this moment.”

John Solano

Monchi to Roma TV after Real Madrid 3-0 Roma:

What is needed for Roma to find trust?
We have to take what we’ve done positively in the first half and move forward. Yes, a victory would help but we must work and regain our confidence. There has been a mental decline, in my opinion, which sometimes does not allow us to be ourselves.

In your opinion, was the performance important despite the negative result?
I think today we have seen some things done better than what has been done up to now. Given the moment we’re in, this was probably the most difficult opponent to face. We can not always look back but must look forward, because the fans, the club and even the players want to overcome this moment we are experiencing.

How can you work on the mental portion?
Now we have to stay close to the players and give confidence. Trust is always fundamental, today we have to help the players because I believe they need all of us. Together we must move forward side by side.