Monchi: “We have trust in Di Francesco”.

John Solano

Monchi to Sky Sport before CSKA Moscow-Roma:

The change in intensity has to change: but you seem to give important responses in the Champions League.
I agree, that’s a good analysis. Something is wrong when we have only 16 points in the league, but today we are thinking about the Champions League, where the team is doing well. I expect the correct attitudes and mentalities.

There have been good responses from some of the new purchases. Meanwhile, others such as Cristante and Kluivert have struggled. Why this difference?
This is normal, not everyone needs the same amount of time to adapt. Justin is still young and had some bad luck with an injury, playing in Italy is not easy. Bryan had a good season last year, but he arrived in Rome and the level of expectations rises. He also needs time, but I have trust in both of them. I’ve seen the same happen to me in my career as a sporting director: I always give the example of Dani Alves — he needed a year and a half to become the player we know, while Rakitic, Krychowiak and Mbia had good performances immediately. In Rome, the same thing happened, some need more time to adapt.

Leaving aside the words of Paulo Sousa, did the criticism of Di Francesco seem excessive?
The answer is always the same: we trust him, the same can be said for the situation we’re in now. Eusebio is doing an important job, Roma needs a coach with personality and a winning mentality and the Mister has that. I have never once thought different from what I’ve been saying: I believe a lot in the work Di Francesco is doing.

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