Moreno: “It wasn’t easy to leave Roma. The manager counted on other players.”

John Solano

Former Roma and current Real Sociedad defender, Hector Moreno, spoke to El Diario Vasco regarding his exit from Trigoria, these are his words:

What went wrong at Roma?
Monchi brought me but the manager counted on other players. I do not blame him, he thought it was best for what the team needed and what he was looking for. When he put me on the pitch, I think I played at a good level. Despite not playing, I felt very good because I trained hard. In 6 months, it will be World Cup and the quality of the team raised as well as the training sessions.

Why did you sign with Real Sociedad?
Before the transfer market, my agent told me that there were several offers, including some from Mexico, but I did not want to go back to my country. I wanted to stay in Europe, and in Rome I was fine. So I told him that I would stay in Rome and not to look for anything for me. Then two days before the end of the transfer market, he called me back to tell me about Real Sociedad. I thought there was no time to close the operation, I also didn’t think Roma would let me go. However, Monchi was great and things were finalised in a few hours, even though it wasn’t easy to leave a club like Roma or a city like Rome.