Mourinho before kick-off to Leicester-Roma: “I don’t feel pressure.”

Jose Mourinho coach of AS Roma

Roma manager José Mourinho spoke minutes away from kick-off to Roma’s first ever Conference League semifinal.

“We have a way of playing that you can’t change just because you play a semi-final – you would be putting at risk the tactical and mental dynamics of the players,” he told DAZN.

“The semi-finals at the end of the season are the consequence of the work done before. They are matches that are decided in small details, for the level of concentration and pressure that is put on the pitch.”

“Personally I don’t feel pressure, for me after twenty years it’s all a deja-vu, but for players who haven’t had a chance to play at these levels I can understand that there is a bit of pressure.”

“We’ll try to do everything naturally, thinking we’re close to our goal.”

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