Mourinho discusses Roma’s attitude and DNA after Juventus victory

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho analyzed the team’s attitude in last night’s win over Juventus and discussed the tactical adjustments that helped the Giallorossi conquer all three points in what was a must-win match for them.

“The change in attitude compared to the match with Cremonese can perhaps be explained by the club’s DNA,” Mourinho told reporters after the final whistle. “There are some things that are more difficult to assimilate and to change.”

“There are some clubs where you are forced to win every match. I won the league once with 100 points and I lost once after having collected more than 90.”

“Teams that play to win championships, with precise objectives, must win, win, win. Mentally they always have to play on extremely high levels.”

“What defines the great character of these boys, who are all wonderful people, who want to do well, who suffer when they don’t do well, is a team that doesn’t live peacefully after disasters like the one in Cremona. The players spent three days suffering and preparing for tonight. That’s why I congratulate them.”

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12 May 20:45