Mourinho Does Not Lose European Finals: Why Is That?

AS Roma's Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho speaks during a pitch inspection on the eve of the UEFA Europa League final football match between Sevilla FC and AS Roma at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, Hungary, on May 30, 2013. (Photo by Attila KISBENEDEK / AFP) / Norway OUT (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images)
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If you are a Roma fan, you are definitely looking forward to the Europa League final in June. But, you may also be a bit anxious because you do not want to see your beloved club lose the final. This is perfectly normal. According to the UK top football betting sites, the chances are pretty equal.

Since the last year’s success in the Conference League, the Roma fans are a bit more confident in their team, but the thing that definitely calms them down is that they have Jose Mourinho on the bench.

Jose is definitely one of the best football coaches ever. Sure, he may not be as successful as Guardiola when it comes to domestic league titles, but he is a master of European final matches. The thing that makes him the Special One is that he has never lost a European final. He is five for five.

Today we are going to show you why Mourinho does not lose the European finals.

The Special One Plays The Players Who Are In Form

For many people, this is one of the most obvious things in football, but not for some European coaches. There are coaches who play favorites when it comes to team selection, but not Jose Mourinho. He looks at his team objectively and he creates a starting line-up based on the current form of his players.

This is why Roma usually plays wonderful football. Sure, Roma cannot qualify for the Champions League through Serie A, but they were in the competition to do that until the very end of the season. That alone is admirable. When you consider how good Serie A is this season, that is a wonderful accomplishment.

He Does Not Overthink

One of the best qualities Jose Mourinho has is that he is a rather simple football coach. He does not overthink things in the crucial matches. There are coaches who do that. For example, Pep Guardiola did that in his last Champions League final against Chelsea. He played without a defensive midfielder and he lost the game because of that.

Jose would never do that because he knows that getting the win in the final is the most important thing. And, he will do it by any means necessary.

This is why Roma fans need not to worry because Jose will put the best players on the pitch and he will stick to his game. He knows what is on the line. If they win, they will play Champions League football next season.

Also, Jose wants his sixth European title.

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