Mourinho previews Conference League final: “This is history.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager José Mourinho addressed the media after having landed in Tirana ahead of the Conference League final with Feyenoord.

“We arrived at the end of this season’s journey with two finals to play in four days,” he said alluding to the match against Torino.

“The first one gave us what we deserved and had as our target, which was to play in the Europa League and improve the club’s ranking. We managed to win that final and for me that was a final where you couldn’t make history: you just finish the season’s work and achieve a goal.”

“This, however, is history,” said the Special One regarding Roma’s first European final in 31 years.

“We’ve already made history getting to the final and to be able play it after so many years, but obviously when you get there you have to do everything you can to win it.”

“My staff and I haven’t left Trigoria since Friday night. I didn’t ask my players the same, I see them focused, with the right enthusiasm it takes to play such a game.”

“Miki trained today with the team, a small session, meaningless in the grand scheme of things because it was open to the media.”

“But it was important for him, to understand if he could be there. I trust him, he knows how to interpret the his own body well and he feels available to play.”

When asked about Kumbulla’s future at the club, Mourinho commented, “He’s a good guy and a good player, he’s learned a lot and next year he’ll be with us 100%. He has the potential to become even better.”

“It’s a final,” he concluded. “Until tomorrow there is nothing else in my head, absolutely nothing, only the final.”

“It’s my way of being. Experience doesn’t help, I thought it could help me but it doesn’t help. It’s my way of feeling and being, and it’s the same as the first final ever.”

“More or less 20 years later it doesn’t change. You see me more serious because I’m focused.”

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