Mourinho previews Conference League quarter final vs  Bodø/Glimt: “We will be better.”

Roma manager Jose Mourinho addressed the media ahead of tomorrow’s first leg of the Conference League quarter final against Bodø/Glimt.

“I think Bodø/Glimt haven’t changed since the last time we faced them,” said the Special One. “They have changed some players, but the profile of the new players is not very different.”

“They have the same ideas about football and very similar team dynamics. They are fresh in their approach, they are in good condition and they have had their break in the season.”

“I think they will be as strong as before,” he continued. “I think we, on the other hand, will be much better than before and I hope this will ultimately make the difference for us.”

On Roma being the only team left in Europe: “It’s a shame, actually. I’d like to have other Italian teams in competitions.”

“When I see our upcoming matches against Napoli and Inter it would also be better from the point of view of fatigue. It would be better for us if they were in Europe.”

On playing on artificial pitch: “Football should be played on natural grass. It is a completely different sport. I understand that the weather is difficult… but I am a coach who wants the best possible football to be played, no excuses.”

“We have two games to try to reach a semifinal. We have to respect Bodø, because they are an excellent team. They played very well in Rome. They are very good, we respect them.”

Finally, the Special One touched up on the comments made by several Bodø players ahead of the game. “They have good players, some of them are also good at talking… we’re here to meet them, and then, in a week’s time, we’ll be waiting for them in Rome.”