Mourinho: “Roma must survive until the World Cup.”

Roma boss Jose Mourinho concluded last night’s round of post-match appearances in an interview with the club’s official channel. The Special One detailed the struggle to come out of the Bentegodi with a win as well as the importance of the remaining four games before the break.

“If you want to win, you must score and that second goal felt like it would never come our way. That’s the opponent’s merit: when they went down to ten men they changed shape and attitude and made life difficult for us.”

“I’m happy with how we handled ourselves in the final minutes. The second goal is half Matic, half Volpato’s and these are the things that make a manager happy,” he added.

“These three points are crucial for our survival until the international break. To survive means to collect points and after losing to Napoli it would not have been the best to get just one point out of this game. These 3 points give us more balance in the standings.”

“We have three league games left and one match in the Europa League which will determine whether we’re in or out,” he concluded.