Nainggolan critical of Roma following Inter move

John Solano

Former Roma and current Inter midfielder Radja Nainggolan gave an interview in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport. These are his words:

The end of the relationship with Roma, however, was forced.
The end wasn’t my fault, at least not entirely. I was disappointed by some actions which, as a man, I cannot accept. I got things wrong, no question, such as the video on New Year’s Eve, though, they did things without telling me, rather than talking face-to-face like men. Roma wanted to collect money on my sale and I found out that they agreed with foreign clubs on a transfer, clubs that I’d never accept a move to. I was treated like an unimportant player, they did things behind my back. At that point, Spalletti called me and I didn’t think for a moment. At first I had regret, but I’ve been very well received here.

What is the difference between the two clubs?
I have found a very well organised club, they know what to do because they are always here – even Steven Zhang is always present. In Rome, the president comes once a year, I think that a person should be present as the top man of a club. It’s also important for the fans. Every year they change three or four players, maybe if the president was there he could better explain those changes.

Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
In Rome, it’s the place where I want my daughters to grow up.

Who is the strongest player you’ve played with?
Taking Totti out of it, I think Pjanic. Without him, Juve are not Juve. And then also Maicon: you looked at him and thought, “…but how in the hell did you do that”?