Nainggolan: “My future? I see myself at Roma.”

John Solano

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan spoke to today. These are his words:

Your future?
I could go to other clubs such as Chelsea, but changing lifestyles and culture is not for me. If I thought about money, I would have already changed teams two or three times and I would earn more. But I want to live well, to me and my family nothing is missing here in Rome, you live in the best way possible, there are good restaurants and there is great shopping. In my future, I see myself at Roma, I think I will stay here.

He is similar to me in certain areas, you can be serious in life, but not too much. And then he always says what he thinks. Just like me.

The World Cup?
I think that on the basis of my results in recent years, I deserve to be called by Belgium.

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