Nainggolan: “I am happy to be here. I always give my best for this shirt.”

John Solano

Radja Nainggolan appeared in this week’s edition of AS Roma Match Program, here are the words of the Belgian:

Did you ever imagine you would be a staple of the team when you arrived here three years ago?
It certainly wasn’t a given. I got a bit lucky because of the injury that struck Strootman. I came to Roma when Kevin was injured. Then, unfortunately, his injury was worse than expected and I’ve stayed here. I was sorry for him, but I’ve always thought about doing my very best for this club and I will do so until the very end.

You said that winning something once at Roma would be worth 10 trophies at Juve. Why?
I’m not sure, but it’s always been like this. Juve has always been the team to beat and again, you will never see me wear the Juve shirt.

What was Roma missing against Bologna?
Nainggolan! (Laughs). I’m joking of course. We lacked a bit of nastiness at the goal. Of course, there was bad luck.

You’ve been rumored to be leaving every single year.
Every year in June is when the lists of players rumored to be leaving begin, this happened from when I first arrived at Cagliari, and I was there for five years. The same has happened at Roma at the end of the first season. I can only say I am happy to be here and I always give my best for this shirt.