Nainggolan: “I hate Juve.”

Il Corriere dello Sport released a video today of Radja Nainggolan speaking to a group of fans, here are his words:

“I could have left Roma but I refused important offers. I don’t care about insults. I am one who is against Juve. I have always hated Juve, always. At Cagliari I would’ve given my balls to beat Juve, at the Juventus Stadium I always drew with Cagliari against Juve but then they won the Scudetto against us when we were in Trieste. I hate them because they always win with a penalty or a free-kick. I came to Roma to win something against Juve, who always seem to get some help. If we don’t win the Scudetto then we will win the Coppa Italia, I am telling you that. We are going to win both Against Lazio in the semi-finals.”

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