Nainggolan: “I hope the team will react.”

John Solano

Radja Nainggolan to Roma TV ahead of Roma-Cagliari:

“Today is a special match for me because here (at Cagliari) I began the leap (in quality), so I have to put emotions aside and do good for Roma.”

You were the symbol of Roma after the match with Porto: is this something you take pride in?
I always try to do my job, we were 9 together cause and I have to congratulate everyone on the field because even at 3-0 we tried to score a goal, this means that we are still alive. Today, I hope that the team will react in the right way.

Today it will be a False 9, will something change tactically?
I think we have so many strong players available and who is called onto the pitch is decided by the Mister. Whoever takes the pitch knows what he must do, we all must do justice for Roma.

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