Nainggolan: “For me, the most important thing is to get good results and help my teammates.”

John Solano

Radja Nainggolan gave a lengthy interview today to Sky Sport. These are his words:

When did you realise that Spalletti lesve?
We began to realise it when he began answering questions about a contract renewal in a somewhat particular way. The results were good so I think it was good for him to leave after having an important season. Then the story between him and Totti had become heavy also for the environment itself. I think he decided to leave for that reason but, in general, he started to understand this in the final months before the end of the season.

Differences between Di Francesco and Spalletti?
Typically Di Francesco is quieter than Spalletti. He (Spalletti) would get worked up if he read something wrong in the newspapers or heard something and he made it bigger than what it was in reality. Di Francesco is one who focused only on his work, he is convinced of what he does and what he wants.

You could sign for life at Roma?
Yes, as I’ve already said no to many other clubs. Unless, of course, one day they decide to kick me out. Right now I am happy here and the important thing for me is to be happy.

You don’t score as much this year.
I always work hard to get results and help the team. Scoring is always nice, it gives you more visibility but the important thing is to always give the maximum to achieve the team objectives. For me, the most important thing is to get good results and help my teammates.

Who is your idol?
Seedorf was a complete player for me. He had strength, technique, speed of play. He was the only player with whom I have never got the ball off (laughs). When I realised also how strong he was, he became my idol even more.