Nainggolan-Roma heading for divorce

John Solano

The love story between Radja Nainggolan and Roma appears to be nearing its end.

As reported by Il Tempo, Roma and Nainggolan are no longer on speaking terms. For days, the club have only had communication with the Belgian through his agent, Alessandro Beltrami. Actually, it is better that way because a possible face to face meeting, at this stage, could erupt into a furious argument. Only a few pieces (but not trivial ones) are missing for his career to continue at Inter, where Spalletti is convinced he knows how to push the right buttons to exploit all of Nainggolan’s potential.

Reportedly, Monchi has decided that it is over between Nainggolan and Roma, he is fed up with his behavior and disappointed by his failure to respect a promise made last year at the time of his contract renewal: to normalise his private live and “tone down” his love for the night life and put himself at the disposal of the club. Even Di Francesco will not move a finger to stop the sale of Nainggolan.

But Nainggolan has simply continued to be himself, giving everything he had on the pitch but also enjoying himself off the pitch without limits. Furthermore, the club were irked when he revealed that, “For me, football is only a hobby.” This was the final straw for Roma. He may soon decide to speak and reveal that Roma have put him up for sale and that he will leave the club because he no longer feels “at the center of the project”.

Nainggolan returned to Rome in recent days to meet with his agent, who was at Trigoria the day before yesterday. There is an agreement in principle between Beltrami and Inter, but now Roma await a written offer from the Nerazzurri, who know they’ll need at least €30-€35 million for the Belgian.

Roma want the situation to close quickly to avoid further problems; the money from the sale will be useful: the player’s wages will come off the books and a plusvalenza will arrive. It will also free a place for the designated heir of Nainggolan to arrive: Ziyech. Di Francesco is ready to have him play as an “intermedio” and have him reunite with Justin Kluivert on the left. Monchi already has a five-year agreement in place with the Moroccan, as soon as it’s possible to present an offer, Roma knows they will need at least €30 million.

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