Nainggolan: “Why did I stay? I have everything here.”

John Solano

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan spoke to Il Romanista, here is an excerpt of his words:

“My role? Many discuss it without really understanding. Being ten feet more at the front or back does not change anything for me. I do not want to deny that last year was the best season for me, I had so many goals and in so many important matches. But I’ve always been a ‘mezz-ala’, I’m just trying to get used to this role again. I’m not a trequartista, usually those who play there are players at Ronaldinho. My role last year was Spalletti’s invention and it turned out to be perfect for me. But now I’m back to my old role and this position is also perfect for me. We’re talking about nothing.”

“Not happy with Di Francesco? It’s football, you know how it works. But whoever says we do not believe in him is talking bullshit. The Mister wants this team to play well, we are with him. The only thing we missed was the result with Inter. If we had won 3-1, no one would be saying anything. But this is football. In Bergamo, we played worse and won and everyone praised us, with Inter while playing better, we lost and all these doubts came out.”

He continued, “I want to do better than last season. Why did I choose to stay in Rome? I had many important offers, but for me it is important to be able to live the right lifestyle with the people I love, I’m happy where I am and I have no reason to change. It’s not just a question of being in Rome, it is also that I get so affection here, maybe because it’s something I’ve given, regardless, there is nothing more beautiful. The other day, before the match against Atletico, Carrasco asked me why I stayed here. It’s because I have everything here, I told him. The club want to grow, I want to win and Roma are a club with great traditions. We’re the capital of Italy, it can’t be that we’ve gone so long without winning something, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon.”

“Do I feel like an idol here? No, I feel respected. When someone gives so much then he gets so much in return.”

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