Nainggolan: “This team was built to win.”

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan appeared on Rai Due this evening on the television program “La Domenica Sportiva”. These are his words:

Winning in Turin is not easy, for example, last season you lost there. But this year, Roma has something more.
It was a positive result, we are enjoying a good period even though we lost two important matches. We must continue this way after having lost to Inter and Napoli.

Can you say that you are also on course for the Scudetto?
Surely we are ambitious. At this time, we are there, but we have to think about things match by match. The team is strong and has been built to win something, but it’s also right to give credit to the others who are doing well and are strong.

We started a new journey and are working to stay near the top. Lazio are having a great season, it will be a good Derby but we hope to win it.

Do you have less pressure in Europe than in the league?
We try to do well in every competition, the Champions League is difficult but we are doing well for now. In London, we could have won, but nobody would have said that before the match.

You are a sought-after player, but you do not play in the Belgian national team: is it just the manager or is there something else?
I do not want to start controversy, he makes his technical choices. I am scared about losing out on my second consecutive World Cup. Belgium is very strong with great players and a good group, the team can do well but not only individuals make a difference. You have to think of teamwork, it’s not easy to have a team full of champions. You have to handle them well.

How is “the executive” Totti?
He’s always close to the team and he’s always ready to play. He started a new career, I wish him the best. Certainly, Roma without Totti is strange for everyone, but we have to adjust. But he’s always with us, so it’s like he’s still in the team. He always jokes and is very loose. When I arrived in Rome, I thought he was more up-tight, but he welcomes you and lends a hand and makes you feel at ease. I totally had the wrong opinion of him.

Is it true that you speak 4 languages?
Yes, that’s the only thing I learned in school (laughs).


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