Nzonzi: “De Rossi helped me a lot since arriving”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Steven Nzonzi spoke to Sky Sport today ahead of this weekend’s match against Fiorentina. These are his words:

Was Serie A as you expected?
It’s a league which is at a high level, all the teams are well-drilled tactically and each match is tough.

Juventus have won a lot – are they similar to PSG?
There is some resemblance, they are teams that dominate and have dominated.

How did you manage to fit in so well?
The most important thing for me is to train well and feel good on the pitch. If I’m feeling good, I know that I can contribute.

What is your relationship with De Rossi?
De Rossi helped me a lot when I arrived. He gives me advice during training, if there’s something I don’t understand he’ll explain it to me, he’s sort of like an intermediary between me and the Mister during our tactical sessions.

How did Monchi convince you to come to Roma?
I have a great relationship with him from our time at Sevilla. He spoke to me positively about the club and convinced me by discussing the manager and the project.

How important is the match with Fiorentina?
All matches are important but we have to win. We need more consistency in our league results, we are improving little by little. The important thing isn’t starting well, but ensuring we finish well.

Why all these highs and lows?
At the start of the season, all players need to find the right position. We have to improve in our continuity but I’m confident and the season is still long.

Do you prefer playing in a 2 or 3 man midfield?

For me it’s the same, I can adapt. We’ve done well in a 2 man midfielder and must improve when we play with 3. The important thing is the communication between all of us.

How many years will we have to wait to see another Frenchman win a Scudetto at Roma?
As soon as possible I hope, but it is not easy to say.

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