Nzonzi: “I’m happy in Rome. I needed a new challenge after Sevilla”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Steven Nzonzi was interviewed today by Canal Plus. These are his words:

Six months after the victory, how has your life changed since the World Cup?
Not my life in reality, but obviously it changed my life as a player having won the most important trophy there is, the trophy that the entire world dreams of, but every day life hasn’t changed much. It’s true, I’m more recognised in France, but that’s all. I am happy to have participated in this great moment for the whole country. It was awesome.

Are you happy in Rome?
Yes, I’m happy. I needed a new challenge because after 3 years in Sevilla, I felt I needed something else. It’s not always easy, but I needed a challenge like this to keep going.

You played in England, Spain and Italy, but never in France.
Why couldn’t I do so one day? It would be nice to play in my country. It could happen one day.

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