Nzonzi unveiled to the media

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi unveiled Steven Nzonzi today to the media. These are their words:

Monchi begins: “Good day, everyone. We are here to present a World Cup champion and also a great player. I’m glad I brought him here. I think we have a strong midfield and that’s why I’m happy”.

(Monchi) Are you satisfied with the market?
The market ends tomorrow. For purchases there is one day left, we will observe all opportunities to improve the roster. I am happy with what has been done but I am convinced that it is always possible to do better. But what we did, buying most of the players right away, I think it’s good. After that, we did what we thought, we kept looking around to find market opportunities. When one does what he has in his head he must be happy and so I am.

(NZonzi) What kind of player are you? What kind of contribution can you bring?
I’m a central midfielder. My task is to recover balls and make the team play. It’s hard to say what kind of midfielder you are. The goal is to give the maximum.

(Monchi) Could Zaniolo and Coric go on loan?
Truly, we were surprised by the level of both. There is always doubt when a player arrives here but with Ante and Nicolò, we were quite happy and satisfied. We have many names in this department and we have to think, especially for Nicolò, of the possibility of finding a team in Serie A. His level however surprised us and we think that maybe he is ready to play in Serie A and he could advance faster than we had anticipated.

(Nzonzi) The victory of the World Cup pushed you to change from Sevilla?
I spent three beautiful years in Sevilla but I decided it was time to change. In this club, I can grow as a player and as a person.

(Monchi) In attack there is only one left-footed winger, are you looking for someone there?
I think on the right is where we have more players than need. Schick, Florenzi, Kluivert, Under, Perotti.

(Nzonzi) Where can this Roma go?
Roma had a great season last year but the goal is to improve. We have to win and my hope is to be able to achieve something important. Easy to say, but harder to do.

(Monchi) With the purchase of Nzonzi, is there a change in strategy on the market?
No. There are youngsters and veterans. I always work with the same formula. We can not rely only on young players because it takes time and Roma does not have time. Young players are important to a club but so are those already established because we need results right away. Last year we took young players and the like of Kolarov and Moreno. The investment is important because this player is strong, he cost a lot: €26 million. When one wants a strong player he has to spend money.

(Nzonzi) Do you write your last name with an apostrophe? Did you speak with Di Francesco?
My name is without an apostrophe. On a tactical level, I am available to the Mister. The task and duty of the players is to adapt as needed. There must be good communication between us and we must achieve a good level of organisation.

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