Olsen: “It felt good returning after the injury. It’s annoying when you’re unable to train with the team”.

Roma goalkeeper Robin Olsen was interviewed today by SvenskaFans.com. These are his words:

Were you happy to make a successful comeback with many crucial saves?
It felt good. When you are injured, it is always annoying not being able to train with the team and having to stay home and watch the matches – so it was very nice to come back and play again.

Bologna’s Helander and Svanberg are both former Malmö players, was it special facing them?
It was fun. It’s always fun to face friends and two guys from Malmö.

You made it immediately clear that it would be a really tough match against Bologna.
When we played Bologna for the first time this season, we saw that they were a good team and very physical. So I knew it would be a difficult match.

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    09-10-2022 18:45
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