Palermo ultras in solidarity with Curva Sud

John Solano

Curva Nord 12 of Palermo, a sector of feisty ultras who support Palermo, issued a statement today ahead of this weekend’s match against Roma. The Sicilian ultras of Palermo have decided not to enter the Stadio Olimpico in solidarity with Roma’a Curva Sud:

“Barriers, fines, complaints, warnings, these police-state measures instituted at the Stadio Olimpico are, once again, a” modus operandi” to try and stop Curva’s. In sincere respect for all those, who for more than a year, have sacrificed their money and their passion in the name of liberty, are struggling against a model that could be to any part and any corner of Italy. Thus so, we have decided not to enter the stadium and we will stay outside in solidarity with the ultras and the Roma fans who continued not to bend on this matter!”

Match Center

MatchDay 32
14 Apr 18:00