Palermo’s De Zerbi: “We need double the focus.”

Palermo manager Roberto De Zerbi spoke today ahead of Sunday’s match against Roma, here are his words:

“Against Roma we need sacrifice, almost double, and attention. But every so often we will have the ball and what will we do from there? I do not want unbalanced football, but I want an idea of ​​balance from my team. If the only ideas here previously were to sit behind the ball then maybe we should try and change our mentality: sure, you risk paying a price but we will still play with enthusiasm. Our focus must remain high, we have to remain convinced in our beliefs and thoughts.”

“Totti? For me, he is the strongest player in Italy in the last 20 years. I won’t be upset if he’s on the bench and not the field. Roma are a team we all know, even the ones not playing.”