Pallotta begins to lose patience: he’s furious with the latest performance

John Solano

Il Messaggero (Lengua): Eusebio Di Francesco is under close scrutiny by the American ownership – President Pallotta, infuriated by the players, can not risk losing out on the train that leads to the Champions League last seaon. So, if the results were to continue as we’ve seen in the last three matches, Pallotta would be the first one who has to intervene, with the issue of the manager being the one most likely to be address. The manager knew that a victory against Chievo would give something back to a supporter-base who felt betrayed by the summer transfer market and the poor results from the beginning of the season. That’s why he clung to the few certainties left after the restructuring of Monchi: Florenzi at fullback (who was visibly nervous at the end of the match), Under at left wing, and Dzeko at striker. Di Francesco, however, paid for the changes he made (Karsdorp for Florenzi and De Rossi for Pellegrini) and the errors of the defence: “I am angry because we do not defend this year as a team. We need to read situations better, we concede goals too easily. Our identity has been disjointed at times. I expected a different approach. But it is only a mental matter, when the results do not come, we concede naive goals and it is something that needs to be analysed”.

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