Pallotta furious, Di Francesco under examination

John Solano

Ansa: Straighten out the present to save the future. The crisis of play and results that the Roma of Di Francesco is experiencing has those at Trigoria worried and not only a little (no ritiro is currently planned for the club). The alarms are also going off in Boston as Pallotta awaits Monchi’s arrival, which will happen in the next few hours, as the pair will take stock of the situation as well as discuss scouting. The president, following the two defeats against Shakhtar Donetsk and Milan, is definitely angry but, at the moment, the position of the manager is not at risk. Di Francesco, however, took responsibility for the downturn and publicly admitted to feeling challenged, knowing full well that in the absence of an immediate change of course, the bench on which he sits would begin to creak dangerously.

“Managing a big club is never easy, apart from the fact that it is Roma, where you experience highs and lows,” confessed Di Francesco on the eve of the match against the Rossoneri, highlighting that, “…if you are changing 14 managers in the last 14 years, surely you can see that some problems have been in general management”. In short, Di Francesco could end up being the 15th of the list, and the upcoming schedule certainly does not help him since the next opponent will be Napoli at the San Paolo and immediately after the match against Torino, then Shakhtar will arrive at the Olimpico for the return leg of the Champions League round of 16. Advancing in the Champions League would be important, but most important is the participation in next season’s edition for Pallotta. Without the millions of euros distributed by UEFA, the revenues of Roma would go down and there would be a deficit, marking yet another financial year ending in the red, which means that a big play such as Alisson will be sold.

Pallotta and Monchi will talk about this and how to face the future, putting hypothetical scenarios on the table. The first is the ideal one: Roma qualify for the Champions League next year and also qualify for the next round. In doing so, Di Francesco would guarantee his role as manager and the money would not be lacking (perhaps also with the addition of a new main sponsor), allowing Monchi to act with freedom on the transfer market. The second hypothesis is similar: Rome finish among the first four in the league but are eliminated by Shakhtar. The last is the worst and the one that nobody wants: Roma KO’d by the Ukrainians and then finishing fifth (or worse) in the league, which could lead to a huge revolution at the club.