Pallotta, Grillo talk Stadio della Roma

John Solano

Movements on the Stadio della Roma are incoming.

After Roma president James Pallotta stated, “We expect a positive outcome on Friday for the stadium.” Movimento Cinque Stella leader Beppe Grillo stated, “We are saying ‘Yes’ to the stadium but not at Tor di Valle, there is a hydro-geological risk.”

Meanwhile, proponents responded to Grillo: “After five years of work on a project that is at an advanced stage of approval and in compliance with laws, regulations and resolutions, it is in no way conceivable that there is an alternative site to Tor Di Valle. The area is safe from the hydro-geological point of view and indeed the project, with investments entirely from private funds, goes to heal the geological risk present in the Tenth neighboring district, which is well outside the site where the stadium will be designed.”