Pallotta hits out after Liverpool fan attack

John Solano

Roma president James Pallotta to Pagine Romaniste after Roma 4-1 Chievo:

“Feeling after Liverpool? I don’t want to talk about the game at all. You know, these games are great. But they’re not life and death. What is going on right now in Liverpool with Sean Cox and his family is life and death. I don’t give a shit about the score of the game. It’s disappointing to me that Rome and AS Roma get blamed for a few individuals who do stupid things. I don’t know the whole story, but all I know is what I saw in the video. But the video with Sean is the most disgusting thing and the utmost stupidity. My prayers are with him and his family.“

“It’s just depressing that the other fans get blamed for this. It’s a shame a few idiots ruin it for the rest. You know, the Curva Sud, the only reason we come back and win games like the one against Barcelona is because of 99.9% of the fans in the Curva Sud. But occasionally, you’ll get a few that are ridiculous. It’s time for things to change in Italy. It happens too much. What’s going on when you have a few stupid people is it attacks our legacy and destroys our history. I’m tired of it. It’s an issue for all of Italy. We have to wake up so that we don’t get a reputation that isn’t deserved around the rest of the world. Our fans are the best in the world, it’s just a couple of fucking morons that take the rest of us down.”

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30