Pallotta hits out at transfer market rumors

John Solano

Roma president James Pallotta appeared on Roma Radio today, here are his words:

The Derby?
With the way we were playing over the last few months, I was calm. I was nervous during the match: I walked around a lot. Szczesny made some great saves, then Florenzi and Perotti settled the match. We are a strong group and we knew that, we just lacked some guidance. I’m happy for Dzeko’s goal to make it 2-0. I’m happy with what the team is doing. I do not like to read newspapers but sometimes it is unavoidable: they keep talking about us selling players but that isn’t the case. At the moment, few truths have been written but we have many players who are going to return from loan and others we want to keep here like Ponce, Sadiq, and Nura. I try not to read the papers but sometimes I do. There is a lot of talk about players leaving, like Pjanic. I can categorically deny this, he doesn’t want to leave and we don’t want to sell him, we want to keep him. Even though they’re just rumors, they affect the team, I’m tired of these rumors. If we made any mistakes up until now it was that we changed the roster too much and made too many moves on the transfer market. However, Sabatini has done a great job and we have made tremendous progress ever since we inherited a complex economic situation and had to make sales in order to fix the budget. In the next transfer market, we will only do a few corrective moves then integrate some of the youth players into the team.