Pallotta: “Nainggolan and Manolas are staying.”

John Solano

After having touched down in Rome, president James Pallotta issued statements at the Hotel de Russie, here are his words:

“Totti? For now, we have not decided anything. Francesco’s role is something between me and him, I speak to him often. We have not yet decided and I won’t tell you (the media). He and I speak a lot, when we have decided something you will know. There are no problems. Nainggolan and Manolas are not going anywhere, we had sales for Financial Fair Play. Mahrez? I do not know who he is.”

“Monchi is doing a great job, we have a common plan and we discuss everything together. We are talking about players starting from a list of those we want and we are sharing every choice. Next season’s targets? We have the best midfield in Italy and with the return of Florenzi, we will do even better. We still have a couple of names in our heads. They are players who will be better in the future perspective.”

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30