Pallotta: “Spalletti? Why comment on something that hasn’t been decided?”

John Solano

Roma president James Pallotta in the Mixed Zone after Roma 3-1 Sassuolo:

What about Monchi?

The future of Spalletti?
Why should I tell you (the media) what we’re going to do? Why should I talk about players directors and tell you guys our business before everything is done? It makes no sense.

Are you comfortable with the Derby?
Comfortable? Do I think we can win? Yeah. The way we played against Lyon the other day wasn’t unbelievable. We could have had 5 or 6 goals. If we play like that for 95 minutes or so there’s no reason we can’t score a bunch of goals. I know the team can do it.

We came out slow, I think everyone saw that but the second half changed the complexion of the match. It’s nice to get a win.

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