Pallotta: “The second half showed how we should be playing all the time.”

James Pallotta in the mixed zone to after Roma’s 3-2 win over Samp:

The match?
The second half showed how we should be playing all the time. Just like in the first match, it was the second half. We’re the best team in the league when we play like that. When we play like that…we could’ve had six goals in the second half. Their goalkeeper played great.

Did he play (laughs)? I thought he was going to miss the penalty because of how wet the field was (laughs), I even told him that!

The stadium?
We have all the documentation, we’re doing things the right way. You’re going to have a good stadium. There are no issues. I hope construction will start in March. There are no problems, we’re beyond the city. No one has said anything negative about the project at all. Everybody wants it. We want it. It’s all privately financed. There is zero reason for the stadium not to get built.

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