Pallotta: “The only way to be a global brand is to have your own stadium.”

Roma president James Pallotta spoke at the Leaders in Sport conference today in London. Here is an excerpt of his words:

“The only way to be a global brand is to have your own stadium. Everyone wants it built, except maybe Lazio fans, but they’ll get to play there once a year. I’m sure we will get 55,000 fans there for every match. Revenues? There’s 3 billion football fans out there in the world, if I can get 1% of them to make Roma their second team then that’s 30 million fans. If we can get them to spend $5 then that’s $150 million in revenue, that’s how the numbers could work for us.”

“Football? I thought it was a horrible game until 5 years ago, I couldn’t understand it but now I’m out of my mind on it.”

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