Pallotta will address a renewal with Spalletti

La Gazzetta dello Sport: Upon his arrival late Saturday or early Sunday, many things will be on the agenda of James Pallotta.

Between the Stadio della Roma and the announcement of new CEO Umberto Gandini, it will certain be an eventful week for the president. One main item of contention is the future of Luciano Spalletti.

Pallotta and Spalletti have discussed the renewal previously, but it ended with a handshake and the promise to discuss it later. Pallotta wants to understand the will of Spalletti: if the Tuscan wishes to remain, which is the hope and the likeliest scenario, then the Roma president wishes for the manager to sign a contract renewal immediately to clear any confusion about the future of Roma’s bench. Given that Spalletti’s contract expires in June, Pallotta will undoubtedly address the topic in the hopes that Spalletti is ready to commit.

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