Paredes: “I want to return to Roma one day.”

Former Roma and current Zenit midfielder Leandro Paredes spoke to and talked about the Giallorossi at length. These are his words:

On Totti and De Rossi.
I thought Francesco was one of the strongest to play before and then I saw him and realised he’s one of the strongest to play ever. He is so mythical. And then off of the pitch he is an extraordinary person, who helps you from every point of view. I really wish him the best for his new career as a director. And do you know who I also have in my Pantheon along with Redondo? De Rossi. Daniele is one who taught me that you should never give up. You have to train each day at one hundred per hour.

On Roma.
Today I’m fine here (at Zenit), but I’d like to return to Roma one day. I lived three great years there: the people, the city, everything. I would really like to, one day, come back. When they told me of the interest of the Giallorossi I knew it was just the beginning: never be satisfied with what you hear, you know that if you want to take these opportunities then you have to prove a lot.

On Sabatini.
He is one who I respect a lot because he is a great professional and I would not mind going back to work with him one day.

On Spalletti.
I’ve always been fine with him, but then he signed for Inter, and I realised that I would have to leave because the new manager would not give me the same continuity and confidence that Spalletti gave. The problem is there were three of us (in my role) and the two who were in my role were playing well.


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