Pastore: “I started the season well and hope I can continue. PSG? It was the right moment to leave”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Javier Pastore was interviewed today by RMC Sport. These are his words:

Have you overcome your physical problems? Were you always injured at PSG?
The first 4 years I was in Paris, I was always on the pitch, but then I had a problem in my calf, I was constantly injured and I could not find a solution with the medical staff to play without pain, but in the last year I did not have these issues. I started the season well, even though at the moment, I am still suffering from muscle fatigue. I hope I can continue like this, I had a full preseason, I played the first three matches and I ran a lot of kilometers. I have positive feelings and I want to continue like this.

What was your worst memory of your experience in France?
The first year when we did not win the league, we did well with a good team but lost the league by only three points, I wanted to win in my first year. I was happy in Paris but knew it was the right time to leave, but I was satisfied because we had won everything and I met some fantastic people in Paris, it was always a perfect city for my family, I was very happy there. Knowing that I had to leave, it was it was a bit difficult, but my time at PSG was up. The club was going to buy more players and I did not want to stay on a team not to play, but PSG will remain the best club I’ve ever been in. We play football to win trophies, but the most important thing are the fans, the ones who pay for the tickets to go see you, which is the last thing that will remain in my heart when I retire. There’s always a place to put the trophies you won, but the affection that the fans demonstrate to you every single day remains alive.

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