Patrick Kluivert: “My dream is to see Justin at Barcelona”.

John Solano

Patrick Kluivert, the father of Roma’s Justin Kluivert, appeared on La Liga Lowdown and spoke about his son’s potential future. These are his words:

“Justin to Barcelona some day? Of course, he would love to play for Barcelona one day. He expressed this in the press, too, that it’s his goal to play for Barcelona one day. At the moment, though, Roma is a good club, it’s a young team with inexperience and experienced players. He’s feeling quite well at AS Roma and I think he needs to play a lot more matches and I hope, at the end of the day, that he can sign for Barcelona one day because, of course, that’s also my dream. To see your son and have him follow your footsteps that’d be great to see. I think I’d be more nervous for him because he’s down to earth and can handle pressure. For a father who can do nothing in the stands and seeing your son, it’d be a strange but very grateful feeling”.

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