Pellegrini: “We know this match is key. Nicolo and I would honored to become pillars of Roma”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini sat alongside Paulo Fonseca during today’s press conference ahead of the Giallorossi’s Europa League clash against Istanbul Başakşehir. These are his words:

You’ve turned into a great assist-man. Would you prefer to score more?
I love creating goals for my teammates – me and Edin joke about that a lot. Assists are great but scoring goals is definitely a different feeling. Ideally I’d like to do both!

How do you feel physically?
I feel really good fitness-wise. I worked hard to get back in top shape. I’m happy with the 70 minutes I got through on Sunday – it was another good step. I’m keen to show what I can do this season.

Do you view this match as sort of a mini-final?
It’s an all-or-nothing game tomorrow and we’re determined to win. Reaching the knockout rounds is our first objective this season. Qualifying is a bit trickier now but we can’t worry about that – we know this game is key.

Have you and Zaniolo ever talked about staying at Roma for many years and becoming pillars of the club? 
We haven’t done so personally, it’s a very particular sort of conversation. We’re two youngsters who try not to look ahead – or at least, that’s how I am. I try to focus on the present and what’s happening now. I have to give 100%. If I continue to do so, I think I also speak for Nicolo when I say that we would be honored. We’re at a big club where we can grow.


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