Peres: “If we are focused, we have everything needed to win.”

John Solano

Bruno Peres to Roma TV before Genoa-Roma:

It’s a match to try and restart.
Yes, it was tough but we can not stop. It will be a difficult match to deal with in the right spirit, we have worked well and are ready.

What are you going to try and do today?
We have to be more feisty than the match in Madrid, we did not give up but we did not get it right. The Mister said to return to the spirit and the will that we saw before, we’re ready.

Genoa are looking for continuity.
Playing here is always difficult, we must face them with the right spirit. If we are focused we have everything needed to win, which is the only result that interests us.

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30