Peres: “I’m not satisfied with my season.”

John Solano

Roma defender Bruno Peres spoke to media members present at the conference called “The Ball Rolls in the Same Way for All”, here are his words:

We hope they do not get the Treble.

Why haven’t you played in the last matches?
I always work hard, ask Spalletti this.

What do you think of the banner for Totti from Laziali?
It is difficult to answer, we still have him for one last match and we have to win it, then Francesco will talk.

Satisfied with your season?
I never am, I always want to try to do something more, once you’re satisfied you stop improving.

Your future?
I still have four years left on my contract, I’m fine and I’m happy here, but I still want to do a lot more, I’m not satisfied enough for what I did.

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