Peres to Roma nearly done

Gianluca Di Marzio has reported that Bruno Peres’ move to Roma is almost complete.

Reportedly, there is a complete agreement between the parties for the transfer of the Brazilian. To Toro, Roma will pay €1 million for the loan, €13.5 million for the buying obligation, and €1.5 million in bonuses. Also, Torino will receive 20% of any future sale of the player. Now, the only thing missing is the “OK” of Roma President James Pallotta.

The deal is currently closed at this point: Toro president Urbano Cairo has accepted all of the conditions and only when Pallotta says “yes” will Bruno Peres become a new player of Luciano Spalletti’s roster.

In the last hours, Watford tried to enter into talks, however, these talks were dismissed when the English club was not able to match the offer of Roma.

Bruno Peres to Roma is almost done: only missing an “OK”.

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