Perotti: “My arrival? There was everything I needed.”

Roma attacker Diego Perotti gave a lengthy interview to magazine Il Romanista. Here is an excerpt of his words:

“Prior to my arrival, there were other clubs that wanted me, including Milan. From the first moment, though, I thought about Roma. Such a historic city, so beautiful, with such a popular club. Also for my family it was the best solution: there is a direct flight here to Buenos Aires. I found a team that already was playing for the Scudetto. I had no doubt. There was everything. For me, Roma was Roma. In Genoa, I had Burdisso as a teammate. He told me about the city, the club, the fans, who were very passionate, which is important for us Argentines. He was always talking about Roma and the fans.”

”The goal on 28 May against Genoa changed my life as a footballer. However, I was reborn at Genoa. I found a sort of doctor there who knew what I needed.”

”Monchi? He has something that others do not have. It is not normal that he has bought so many unknown players and resold them at triple or even more. Dani Alves, Rakitic, Bacca, Fazio, and more.”

“Spalletti? I do not know if I would have stayed if he remained, probably not, I would not have stayed. It is true that that goal against Genoa has changed me a lot. Football is sometimes ungrateful, a certain episode can take away or give you a lot. I’m calmer this season. That goal against Genoa has changed my life, perhaps even the fans changed their opinions of me after that. I did well the first six months and the fans were pleased. And then we had that bad week where we lost in the Europa League and Coppa Italia. Let’s just say that that goal against Genoa combined my confidence as well as the fans’.”


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