Perotti: “Dzeko is having a crazy season.”

John Solano

Roma attacker Diego Perotti was present on the television program Tiki Taka, here are his words:

It is the Monday before the Derby: does the adrenaline begin to kick-in or is still too far away?
The Derby is felt for a couple of weeks, you can’t help but listen to the fans on the street when they tell you that you have to win. It was important to win yesterday so that we are above them by one point, the match on Sunday will be a beautiful one that we hope to win.

How is it playing with Dzeko? What has changed?
It’s beautiful now: what happened last season was not normal. It’s the same problem for every attacker, not having a chance to score from the chances had. Now, he is in good form and we must take advantage of his moment because he is having a crazy season.

How must you play with Dzeko?
He’s a tall striker, I think it’s better to try and serve the ball towards his head, but he is also strong with his feet, just look at that incredible goal from last week in the Europa League. Now we have 3 difficult matches ahead of us. He will be important because the numbers he’s putting up are fundamental.

Did you take Pescara too lightly?
Maybe, but I think you need to win matches ugly like this as opposed to losing matches we didn’t deserve to lose. We made mistakes, it is true, but in order to win the Scudetto you sometimes have to win matches this way.

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