Perotti: “I have been received well at Roma.”

John Solano

Roma attacker Diego Perotti appeared today on Roma Radio, here are his words:

How are you?
Fine, we are recovering after Sunday’s match which was tough, now we’ve had two days off and we’re doing good.

Are you doing better after a string of injuries?
The last was only a knock but the club nor I wanted to take a risk, it was better to rest. I’m fine now and I can train and play with continuity, this is good for me and important for the team.

Did you expect this kind of an adventure in Rome?
No, I did not expect anything like what has happened to me, it was all positive for me and for my career. I came to a great team, I made an important step away from Genoa to Roma, I played right away after having just arrived, I did not expect that. I have found some wonderful teammates, I have a good relationship with everyone, I have been received very well, all this gave me security and confidence to play, I did not think it would be this way in a big team. We won a lot of matches, we have lost a few, and we were unable to finish second last season by just two points. But on a personal level, it was a great year.

In the last 38 games Roma have 91 points.
A number worthy of the Scudetto.

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