Perotti: “I never thought about leaving Roma.”

John Solano

Roma attacker Diego Perotti appeared on Argentina-based radio show Crack Deportivo and spoke on a variety of topics. These are his words:

What season do you expect? Have you thought about leaving Roma?
It will be a difficult season, many teams have strengthened well, not just Juventus with Ronaldo. I never thought about leaving, and there’s no need to because I’m well at Roma.

Your thoughts on being left out of the World Cup squad?
It was one of the biggest disappointments I have had – I was left out twice because when Lanzini got injured, it seemed there was a chance but then Enzo Perez was called. I really suffered from this, I endured a very bitter and difficult month. After having reached the Champions League semifinals and having played all year, I was hoping to be at the World Cup. Due to the way we qualified, you couldn’t say that Argentina were favorites. We could have won but it was difficult, the friendly against Spain did a lot of damage, many players paid the price for that match.

Your opinion on Sampaoli?
Sampaoli may have made some mistakes, I was struck by the fact that Enzo Pérez was not in the squad and then played three matches in the World Cup. If Argentina had won the World Cup, nobody would have talked about that.

They are demanding of him and put him a lot of pressure on him, even if he is the best and is used to playing in thousands of finals. Having the weight of the expectations of an entire nation is not easy.

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