Perotti: “In football, the easiest solution is to blame the manager.”

John Solano

Roma attacker Diego Perotti was interviewed by Sky Sport ahead of Sunday’s match against Bologna. These are his words:

“Certainly we expected to have more points and to play better. However, we still have some time to see some good things, we know we have to improve. We have to win on Sunday for ourselves. We’ve been training and working a lot, we know the wins will come. There aren’t really clear answers right now. In football, the easiest solution is to blame the manager and send him away because you can’t sack 25 players. It’s not right. Last season we went to the Champions League semifinals with this manager, it’s not possible we’ve gone from one of the best to the worst. The relationship remains the same and the desire to do well is always the same among the players and staff.”

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