Perotti: “It was a must win.”

John Solano

Diego Perotti to SportMediaset after scoring in Roma’s 2-0 victory against Udinese:

Third consecutive victory: you are returning.
Slowly, slowly — we are finding our way from the first half of the season. We calmed our nerves but now we must be ready, we have difficult upcoming matches.

Important victories before the Champions League.
It was fundamental. It is not an easy league. Except Juve and Napoli, everyone has dropped points, this match before the Champions League was a must-win. It’s a very hard place to play, luckily now we can think of Shakhtar.

Is the enthusiasm of Ünder motivating you guys?
He is a humble guy, he does not speak the language well but he is very polite. He’s a formidable guy and deserves this.