Petrachi: “Roma have been eyeing me, but so have others”.

John Solano

In an interview with Sky Sport yesterday, Gianluca Petrachi denied any meeting with Roma. Today, however, Tuttosport have revealed Petrachi’s full, unedited statements to the network. These are his words:

“No, I have not yet submitted my resignation to Cairo, but I already had a meeting with him a while ago and I explained my thoughts to him. Certainly my resignation is a possibility and could be discussed immediately after the end of the season. I have already explained to Cairo that I will likely leans towards this sort of choice. It is right to look inward and look for new desires to sort of restart. Roma has certainly been looking at me, as have other teams, but Roma has been doing so very insistently. When the season ends I will decide. So far I’ve always been more concerned with Torino as I’ve attended nearly all of the training sessions and have only missed a few due to logistical issues. It’s false, though, that I’ve already started working for Roma. After the match against Lazio, I will make a decision and everything will be clearer with the president. After 10 years of great work together, with mutual respect, I believe it is legitimate for me to be able to think about new challenges. Our work is driven by adrenaline, so it is right that I have aspirations of this kind: new challenges, new motivations. I hope that my choices are shared and accepted and I hope that goodwill prevails, that we find a way to close the relationship well. I hope that my true aspirations will be met”.

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