Pizarro talks on Totti, Spalletti and more

John Solano

Former Roma midfielder David Pizarro spoke today to Sky Sport. These are his words:

Was your farewell similar to Totti’s?
No, there is no comparison with what the Roma supporters did for him, I experienced everything from Chile in a particular manner, for Roma supporters, it (his retirement) was a tough blow, that will take some time, Totti is loved even in Chile.

If you had been in Rome two years ago, would you have put yourself between Totti and Spalletti?
I would’ve struggled due to my height (laughs), but during his first experience in Rome, Spalletti and Totti were like two brothers. I do not know what happened but surely it could have been managed much better – I don’t understand what happened inside the dressing room. I certainly would have had my say because those two are important characters.

Which place are you most attached to?
It all started in Udine, where I grew up as a man and a footballer, they gave me time to grow, then I was tied to Roma, which were very important moments and we got close to the Scudetto.

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