Porto’s Conceiçao and defender Pepe speak ahead of Roma-Porto

John Solano

Porto manager Sergio Conceiçao and defender Pepe spoke today ahead of their match tomorrow at the Stadio Olimpico against Roma. These are their words:


You’ve played for Lazio and understand this environment. Is Porto in a difficult moment? Roma have one of the best attacks in Serie A.
I’ve been here as a player, yes it’s true. Regardless of this, I know the environment but we are here to play and it should be a fantastic match. We’re focused on tomorrow.

You’re missing important pieces.
I’m paid to find the solution and the problem, this is part of my job. Injuries are a part of football and I’ll find a solution.

Many have said that Porto is happy to face Roma, while others said Roma also felt lucky after the draw. Was there satisfaction?
Porto is a team that is at the highest levels in the world, I can talk after the result of the match. We’re glad to face Roma, and Roma are glad to face us.

What do you make of the introduction of VAR?
Maybe you do not know me but I never talk about refereeing.

What do you think of Zaniolo? Have you seen him play?
He is one of the most important players at Roma, he is unique, he has a lot of quality and we obviously look at them as a whole, not individuals. Though, he’s a youngster with a lot of quality.



You arrived in January and you’re already sitting here.
Being seated here does not mean much — the manager decides who sits here. The most important thing is trying to understand what the team is, the group. Tomorrow we want to win and we will do everything to bring home the victory.

What do you think of the defence of Roma?
Roma have a very good group, they are a good team. They know what they want to do — they like having possession. We are very prepared, we know what we have to do to try to surprise them.

How do you feel about this match?
I feel strong, I feel that I’m working well. A lot of work is asked in training at Porto — I think this is our secret.

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